2020_10_22 San Blas Mexico

We flew into Puerto Vallarta and took a four hour bus to San Blas. We’ve been here five days and plan to leave tomorrow as the swell wanes. I will miss it here.  San Blas carries strong feelings of  affection and pleasant contentment. 

We walked from the bus stop to our hotel, dropped our bags and went out to look for a bite. It was around 6 pm, drenched and hungry. We saw a beautiful girl driving by in a small grey car outside of our hotel.  We sat down in an open air dirt floor place selling soup and empanadas and after a couple minutes I saw the girl drive by again. A couple minutes later she was standing in front of our table with her hands behind her back, “hola.” she said, and after a minute or two she asked if we remembered her name. After we said her name she asked if it was ok she gave us “una nota.”. The note was in Spanish, and english. The english said: Her name, and “They are very cute.” her number was below it. 
Everyone we walk by smiles and greets us. The hut at the beach where we store our surfboards is not locked at night, Jensen left his phone on a table while surfing the second night and forgot to bring it home, and It was with our friend Pompis the next morning. Pompis means "butt" in Spanish. He got his name surfing naked.

We surf early in the morning for a couple of hours, and again for sunset. Mid day we do a hard sweaty leg workout by the pool. During the day we are working on our computers and walking around El Centro built around an old church trying all of the food and deserts. My favorite so far is Empanadas stuffed with sweetened  pineapples. Sweet doughy pockets I eat with coffee after getting home from the morning surf.  The old woman who prepares them has the same clear light blue eyes and white smile as my late grandmother, and her son helps her sell her goods out of her house near one of the main streets. 

There are a striking amount of beautiful girls here, it is very abnormal considering the size. One of the locals we surf with tells us he can't leave San Blas because of this.

We started the trip with the intention of working full days and surfing the off hours. I’m finding it very hard to work/ be creative because I’m so used to my alone time.  It takes me an hour or so of focus to get into a good groove creatively, and that simply doesn't happen when some of my best friends are less than ten feet away from me. Best case for vacation though, so I'm embracing it, therefore taking some time off. Not that I was on before. 

Our friend who gave us the notes number didn't work, but last night Evan and I were ordering our second round of Ice cream in El Centro, and she appeared, looking embarrassed. She thought we didn't call, but as it turns out she just wrote it wrong as her head was crowded at the time. She chose two scoops of ice cream, Nuttella and vanilla, and we ate together.  

New Inquiry for  a documentary on  Johnny Hallyday, French rock and roll singer/actor. A girl I know in Paris passed my Instagram and new website to the production team, and they reached out about shooting the documentary interviews of rock and roll artists living in New York and Los Angeles talking about Johnny. They want me to provide a sound designer aswell. Budget still unclear and production on hold from Covid complications in Paris. 
Sigmund & Co. back on my  mind after all these years. Sent container sample to a new manufacturer and they are currently working on a new sample. Stress on a perfectly uniform lid. 
Working on Creative direction Deck for a current client and also planning a simple shoot, possibly in Sayulita with Jensen for Ombraz.
Tipsy: holding and ready when Conor learns more about his new gig and how much he can delegate towards it. Found 3 possible formulation companies to work with, prices are high. 


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